Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi, ジョゼと虎と魚たち) is a live-action film. It's an adaptation of a light novel. It's 116 minutes long.


While going through a slideshow of pictures, Tsuneo gives reflective on them about his time with Josee. We then see Tsuneo act as a substitute player at the Majohng bar he works at. One of the players starts a conversation about an old lady pushing a rundown baby cart. Afterward, Tsuneo takes the Master of the Mahjong Bar's dog Mimi for a walk. During the walk, he encounters the old lady and the baby cart that the group of Mahjong players was talking about. The old lady loses her grip on the baby cart and it goes down a sloped street into a wall and beseeches Tsuneo to check on her cart. Checking the cart, he sees Josee inside it, who then attacks him with a knife. The old lady informs her that it wasn't him that attacked her, but someone else. The two of them while Tsuneo pushes the cart with Josee in it and the old lady walks Mimi, walks Josee's home. On their way, Josee's Grandmother talks about Josee and why she takes her out for walks in a baby cart. Once they reach their home, Tsuneo although reluctant has breakfast with them. Tsuneo compliments Josee's omelets and she, in turn, warns him that there's a chance he'll get salmonella from them. This is due to there being chicken crap on the eggshells.

At Tsueno's university cafeteria, Tsuneo talks with Kanae. While they were talking two friends of his interrupt their conversation, by returning some porno they "borrowed" from him. Afterward, Tsuneo enjoys some sex with a girl named Noriko. After it, he talks with her about his conversation with Kanae and how she's single. A conversation about Josee's Grandmother and her basket is a hot topic again at the mahjong bar. One of the patrons claimed he tried to see what was in the basket, but failed. This makes one of the other patrons remark that he tried to steal from her and the other mahjong patrons retorts in a livid manner that he didn't. Tsuneo oversees this and his manager tells him to warn Josee's Grandmother that he may try and do something to her. So later, Tsuneo visits their home and sees that Josee was hurt. She claims that a fat old guy attacked her; she managed to defend herself with the knife she had on her though. When asked why she didn't report the incident to the police, Josee gives a furtive answer. Furthermore, she claims she desires to see "Flowers and cats".

Afterward, at his university cafeteria, Tsuneo talks with Kanae again about Josee. She gives her opinions on how Josee's house should be due to her disability. As they talk, Tsuneo sees Noriko in the crowd making lewd gestures. In the end, Kanae promises to look into special programs to help Josee out. Later that day, the two make out in Tsuneo's apartment, until Kanae decides to leave so Tsuneo walks her to the subway station. The following day, Tsuneo with his brother Takashi sort through food sent to them by their mother. Eventually, Tsuneo delivers the food to Josee and the two cook and prepare it. Also, as they do this, Tsuneo learns Josee's name. Finishing his meal, Tsuneo joins Josee as she engrosses herself in her books. One of the books catches Tsuneo's eye by Françoise Sagan and the once demure Josee's demeanor lights up as she talks about it. Josee yearns for the sequel copy for that book and so Tsuneo manages to get a copy of the book for her from a used book store. Instantly, Josee becomes immersed in the book and reads it aloud.

With the help of the two little girl neighbors, Tsuneo attaches an old skateboard to Josee's cart. He offers to take Josee out for a spin. Although reluctant, because her grandmother would disapprove, because of what time it is. Josee ultimately does after she sees that her grandmother is asleep. The two enjoy themselves on their excursion until the cart tips over and they both fall on the ground. They, however, are both fine and Josee is captivated by a cloud in the sky. Soon the two stop at a place in hopes to meet a man named Koji who Josee claims is her son. Koji meets with Josee and the two discuss getting a gun she's interested in. Once the two return to Josee's home, they're reprimanded by her grandmother and Tsuneo is kicked out. The next day, while on a shopping trip, Tsuneo encounters Koji right after he hit an old lady with a wrench. Afterward, the two talk at an outdoor restaurant and Tsuneo learns that both Koji and Tsuneo belonged to an orphanage. It was after becoming extremely agitated by the place, Koji absconds from the orphanage and takes Josee with him.

Eventually, Tsueno tries to convince Josee's Grandmother about having safety bars installed by the city. Initially, Josee's Grandmother acts dismissive of the idea, but in the end, concedes to have it done. Tsuneo and Josee later look at old books together particularly one by someone named Kani Haruki. Soon, Kanae arrives in the home and observes the work of the social workers installing the bars in the place. That night, Tsuneo tries to visit again, however, due to Josee having a snit because Tsuneo was talking so cordially towards Kanae he doesn't see her. Josee's Grandmother also forbids him from ever coming back there.

Time passes by and Tsuneo attends a party with his university friends. There he meets Kani Haruki, the owner of some books, Josee has in her possession. Soon, Tsuneo goes has an interview with the same social worker manager that installed the bars in Josee's home. He learns from the manager that Josee's Grandmother has passed away since he last saw her. Abruptly then, Tsuneo cuts the interview short in order to check up on Josee. She tells Tsuneo that her neighbors took care of her grandmother's funeral. Also, she tells him about, the welfare workers and how the pervert next door takes out the trash for her in exchange for touching her chest. This leads to Josee having an emotional breakdown and request that Tsuneo stay forever, to which, he promises to. They then make out a little and have sex. More time goes by and Tsuneo takes Josee to a zoo and shows her a tiger. And eventually, Tsuneo moves in with Josee with help from his brother Takashi and Kanai. It's also revealed that he adopted his former boss' dog, Mimi. While being lead on a walk by one of her young neighbors, Josee is met by an envious Kanae. The two briefly talk and slap one another, until Kanae, walks away.

One year passes by and Tsuneo visits his brother Takashi in the guitar shop he works in. The scene skips to the two young neighbor girls who learn from Josee that her basket is broken beyond repair. Elsewhere, while talking with a senior of the company he works at, Tsuneo runs into Kanae and the two later talk in a restaurant. The topic of their discussion was when Kanae confronted Josee and then her current job as a person who passes out packs of cigarettes. Back at home, Josee gets into an argument with Koji. The following day, as Josee and Tsuneo, drive to his parent's memorium, they instead take a detour to an aquarium. However, once they arrive they learn that it's closed. So to make this up to Josee, Tsuneo takes her to the beach and they both enjoy themselves. On their way home, they stay at an inn known as the "Fish Castle".

A few months pass after that and Tsuneo and Josee break up and he moves out of her home. The reason why they broke up was that Tsuneo "Ran away". After saying his goodbyes to Josee, Tsuneo leaves and meets up with Kanae. While the two walk, Tsuneo has an emotional breakdown and as he narrates, "I don't think I'll ever see Josee ever again". Josee, on the other hand, is seen riding on a motorized wheelchair, and later we see her prepare herself some fish in her apartment.



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